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Photo Restoration


Recapture the Moment

The finest things in life are made of memories- nothing brings a memory to life like an old photograph.


Photo Restoration


How are restorations and retouching done?

Your original photos are scanned at high-resolution. This produces a digital file which enables us to sample undamaged areas of your photo for use as "donor cells" to replace missing or damaged areas elsewhere in the photo. This results in a newly restored digital file, from which you can make unlimited prints, gifts and other items. The resulting photos look as if they were never damaged.


What happens to my original photos?

Nothing. Once your originals are scanned, they are returned to you with the newly restored prints and any other items in your order. Your originals are not altered in any way.


Some of my photos are really large. Can they still be restored?

Absolutely! We can handle original photos of any size.


How much do restorations and retouching cost?

Basic fixes start at $40.00, and more involved orders are priced according to the extent of the damage. The restoration file becomes the "new original", and everything you want will be made from it. Once the restoration work is completed, we give you a proof print or an e-mailed image for review before we go to final printing.


What about extra copies?

Extra copies are easy and inexpensive once the restoration work is done.


Why stop at prints? You can also get these items and many others made from the final result:

  • Photo posters- great for parties and for home décor!
  • Photo books
  • Gifts: shirts, mugs, blankets, and so much more!
  • Video montages


Can I get a copy of the restored file?

Absolutely! We recommend that you retain a copy of the file for future use and family archiving. We can provide it by e-mail, on a flash drive, or on a CD at nominal cost. Then you can use it in blogs, or on other social media, too.


We had flood or fire damage? Can you help in this case?

If you have photos that have been damaged due to fire or flood, they can frequently be restored as well. We can assist regardless of how many photos are involved. We can assist in dealing with homeowners insurance and can come to you if it is impractical for you to come to us.


I have giant photos of my great-grandparents. Can you restore those?

We can handle originals regardless of size. Remember that once the restoration work is done, the possibilities are just beginning. If you love that ancestor picture but not in its current size, pick a new size that meets your needs, whether bigger or smaller.


Can my black and white photo be made into a color photo?

You bet. Colorization is a popular option with restorations. Talk with us about what the colors likely were, and we'll handle the rest. The results are outstanding!


Will my restored picture look clearer than what I have?

Restoration will improve color, contrast, exposure, and eliminate damaged areas, but sharpness is not improvable. An original with normal sharpness will produce a pleasing restoration result.


I don't have a photo. I have a negative or slide. Can you work from that?

Sure. We can begin with any form of photographic original: negative, print, slide, tintype, Daguerreotype. We can also work with many flat forms of artwork, and from newspapers.


Can you really get my ex-brother in law out of the picture?

If you want us to, yes. We can also put your present brother in law into the photo in place of the old one. Similarly, if you have two group photos where some people look great in one and some look great in the other, we can give you the best of both worlds. Don't like the background? We can change it to a plain one or the Taj Mahal. Really.


What can't you do with my pictures?

Almost anything you want can be achieved if the "bones" of the original are good. So raid your closets or pester your relatives, and see us soon.






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