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Red Eye

Red-eye is the reflection of light from the flash off of the blood vessels of the retinas of your subject's eyes. Red-eye seems to be more evident when the subject is young and/or has blue eyes.


When you take flash pictures, try the following tips to reduce red-eye. These tips will cause the subject's pupils to constrict and reduce the amount of reflective surface.


Turn on all the lights in the room to increase the light level.


Ask your subject look at a bright light, such as a room lamp, just before you take the flash picture.


Use a camera that has a red-eye reduction feature.


To eliminate red-eye from pictures you have already taken, bring your prints to us. We will help you remove the annoying "devilish" eyes using our friendly software. Our software has many other features as well. You can ask one of the staff to show you how to create, gifts, calendars, cards, add borders and text to your regular prints and enlargements. You can even make canvas prints to fill a wall.







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