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Video Montages


If you have an upcoming celebration, then think about having us create a video montage to make your event unique. Similar to a photo collage, a montage starts with your photos and memories and is then made into a personalized movie you can enjoy on any TV or computer.


Video Montages





What is the process for creating a montage?

First, you collect the items you wish to consider for inclusion. This can include digital pictures, but don’t forget flat photos, negatives, slides, ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, invitations, yearbook pages, etc. It’s better to have a few extra items. If necessary, we’ll help you choose what to keep and what to exclude.


How many items should be in my montage?

A montage should contain 50-150 items.




How long should my montage be?

If you are sharing your movie with a group of people, we suggest a run time between five and twelve minutes. If it documents a trip and is going to be viewed by a more intimate group, then a longer running time may be preferred.


Can I include music?

Yes, your montage will be more memorable and enjoyable with music. Three to five songs are usually sufficient to cover a typical montage. Pick songs that express the attributes of the person being celebrated or songs that make you thing about the time periods the film covers. We can crossfade songs to make them fit the length of the movie. You can provide us with a CD or flash drive of the songs you desire, or you can give us a list, and we can source the music for you.



Who decides what order in which things appear?

You may choose from an auto montage or a custom one. An auto montage is a movie made from pictures on your memory card. It includes pleasant, generic background music. This is a good basic choice for a new and fun way to enjoy the photos from a single event, trip, or from whatever is on your memory card up to a certain point in time. The photos appear in the order in which they were taken.


A custom montage offers many other possibilities. For example:

  • Arrangement of images in any order, size and position
  • Video transitions from image to image
  • Inclusion of video clips
  • Inclusion of scanned photos, slides and negatives
  • Inclusion of other mementoes, such as diplomas, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, etc.
  • Titles


How long does it take?

A typical montage takes 5-7 days to produce.


Will I see the montage before it’s finalized?

Of course, you’ll be able to review the movie and make any changes before we decide together that it’s done.


What will I end up with?

Typically, you’ll receive your movie on a DVD. Other options include flash drives, loading onto tablets, phones, and PCs, or posting to YouTube or other websites.


What does it cost?

Prices start at $29.99 for an auto montage. Custom montages start at $74.99. Other upgrades and options include:

  • Extra copies of the final montage for party attendees
  • Custom labels and DVD insert sheets






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