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Video to Digital


Got old videos? Got questions? We’ve got answers and solutions!

Have a box of old camcorder tapes sitting unviewed in your closet? Would you like to enjoy them with your family again? Whatever types of tapes you have, we can convert them to digital format for easy enjoyment. You can replay those "Funniest Home Video" segments again and again, skip the boring parts of the graduation ceremony, and have a lot of fun remembering the good times.

Video to DVD


Video to DVD  


Have questions? Over the years we have done many thousands of transfers of all types. Here are the questions we most commonly receive, and the answers:


Q: Should I transfer to flash drive, hard drive, or DVD?

It depends on how you like to "consume" video content. If you watch on your TV, and have a DVD player connected to it, then DVD is best for you. If you prefer to watch most content on your computer or, tablet, or phone, then choose files on a flash drive or a hard drive. Many customers today are requesting transfers via both methods.


Q: My tapes are really old. I haven't played them in a long time. Will you still be able to transfer them?

We can successfully transfer almost any tape you bring us. While many tapes have held up rather well over time, others are beginning to show deterioration. Storage conditions frequently have more of an effect on playability than time. Tapes that are from the early days of VHS- first sold in 1977-can transfer successfully, while others which are much more recent may not. With the recent extreme weather we've had in our area, we have received tapes which are water or mold damaged. Many of them transferred quite well; others had spots or persistent lines across the display.


Q: What if I have broken tapes?

Video and audio tapes are made from extremely thin material which physically travels so the material can be watched or listened to. Considering this, it's surprising that we don't receive more broken tapes than we do. If you have broken tapes, we can repair them. We can make splices to torn tapes. Do you have a video tape that your dog munched on? Don't worry; we can transplant the contents of that cassette into a replacement shell.*


Q: I have 20 tapes. How many DVDs will I get?

It depends on the tape format, the recording speed, and how full your tapes are. A DVD we create for the best viewing quality holds two hours of material. Here are run times for popular tape formats:

  • VHS: 2-8 hours
  • VHS-C (small tape which you insert into an adapter prior to viewing in a VCR): 20 min-2 Hours.
  • Video 8/Hi 8: Mostly 2 hours
  • Digital 8: 1 Hour
  • MiniDv: 60 or 90 minutes


Q: So, how many DVDs did you say I will get?

In a basic transfer, you would get 20 DVDs, one for each original tape. In an "end-to-end"* transfer, you would receive the fewest DVDs possible without us splitting any of your material. We would put as many tapes as possible onto the first DVD, and then as many as possible onto the second DVD, and so on.

If you are transferring to a flash drive or hard drive, you'll receive a separate file from each each of your original tapes.


Q: That sounds great! I'd love you to condense my collection, but my tapes aren't labeled. How will you know what order to copy them in?

We have received orders with every conceivable level of organization, from unlabeled, unboxed tapes in a grocery bag to compulsively catalogued and boxed tapes. If necessary, we'll screen the beginnings of unlabeled tapes for you and help you to arrive at an approximate chronological order.


Each DVD you get will have the tapes it contains attached to it. Custom labels and DVD box inserts are also available. Files from your tapes will have the basic numbering and titling found on your original tapes.


Q: Will you charge me for blank tapes I give you?

Absolutely not. Many collections of tapes have a blank tape or two in them. Many tape collections also have recordings of movies and shows broadcast on TV; we won't transfer these, either, unless you tell us that's your dog in the Stupid Pet Tricks segment from The Letterman Show.


Q: How about my collection of Dragnet shows on VHS?

That's a maybe. If you have a commercially produced video tape, we can transfer it for you as long as that same material is currently unavailable for purchase on DVD. If that movie or program is available for purchase on DVD, then legally we cannot transfer it for you.


Q: I only want certain things from the tape(s) transferred. Can you do that?

Absolutely. Maybe you want to assemble a video montage for a birthday, anniversary, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. You want bits and pieces extracted from various and then incorporated into a single DVD or video file. We are happy to help you with all aspects of video montages*.


Q: Do you watch my movies?

No - we don't actually watch customer material. We check it at the beginning to ensure that things are running smoothly, and at the end, to be sure all of the material has transferred.


Q: My tapes are priceless to me. Will they be safe with you?

Absolutely. All transfers are done in-house and are handled with the utmost care.


Q: I lived in a foreign country; can you transfer the camcorder tapes I made?

You betcha. We can handle tapes in all of the international formats.


Q: I'm interested in doing my own video editing once the transfer is done. Will I be able to do that?

Yes, you will. Once you extract the video from the DVD onto your PC or Mac, then you can use most popular desktop video editing programs. If we transfer your tapes to files, then you'll be good to go right away.


Q: Can I get my videos into in my computer directly?*

Absolutely. We offer new external hard drives and flash drives (USB drives), or you can provide your own.


Q: How long will it take until my order is done?

Most small orders are done in 1-3 days; medium orders take 1-2 weeks. Larger orders can be quoted when the order is placed.


Q: I have 6 siblings. How do get extra copies for them?

Once the initial transfer is done, extra copies for family members, friends, or associates can be made quickly and inexpensively.


Q: Ok, I'd like to do this. What will it cost?

The more tapes you have, the less each one will cost to transfer. Just 1 tape transfer costs $29.99, 11 tapes brings it down to $22.99 per tape, and over 50 makes it $19.99 per tape. You can mix any type of tape (VHS, 8mm, DVC or VHS-C) to receive the quantity discount applies for any type of video tape . If you want your tapes put onto USB or external hard drive DVD we can do this for you as well. The cost for this service is between 19.99 and 39.99 per tape, depending on quantity. The cost of a USB drive or hard drive is additional.


*Extra cost applies








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